Samsung ATIV

Simple, powerful, beautiful

Meet the new family of Samsung ATIV products – the stunning, efficient, multi-purpose machines that will seamlessly connect your life. Samsung ATIV devices are powered by Windows 8 and incorporate the latest innovations in touch and voice technology, HD display, and blistering fast processing speeds. Put the people, apps, and sites you love right on your Start screen, and get instant access to the things you care most about.

Samsung ATIV Book

Do more, wherever you go. The Samsung ATIV Book models feature elegantly designed and exceedingly sophisticated machines that let you to do more of what you love, regardless of where you are. Experience a new level of flexibility, entertainment, and productivity with these highly refined machines.

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Samsung ATIV One

Take your home system to the next level. The Samsung ATIV One models provide robust and immersive home entertainment experiences, leveraging the latest innovations in touch and gesture recognition to give you complete control over your machine. Do more, experience more, and feel it all with Samsung ATIV One.

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Samsung ATIV Tab

The freedom of a tablet now comes with the power of a PC. With its convertible design and full Windows 8 operating system, the Samsung ATIV Tab models are the ultimate solution for users that need both at-home efficiency and on-the-go flexibility.

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