To return empty cartridges or an Office Collection Box

To return empty Samsung toner cartridges or a full S.T.A.R. Office Collection Box for recycling, you must print a return USPS SmartLabel®. Please follow the simple instructions below:

  1. You must select your state agency or department using the pull-down menu on the right.
  2. Enter your office contact information in the address form on the right. This return address information is required by the U.S. Postal Service for all packages. Press Submit and Print Label below the contact form. The following will happen:
    • Your PC screen will refresh and the What's Next? section will appear, which will include a link to a web page with your processed SmartLabel, now ready to print.
    • You will also receive an email at the address you provided that will include the link to a web page with your processed SmartLabel, now ready to print.
    • Print your SmartLabel.
    • IMPORTANT: It is against USPS regulations to photocopy and reuse a SmartLabel. Please generate a new SmartLabel for each return shipment.

  3. If you are returning an individual cartridge, use the shipping box from your new, genuine Samsung toner cartridge to package your used or empty toner cartridge. Be sure to seal it securely with shipping tape.
  4. If you are returning a S.T.A.R. Office Collection Box, close and seal the box with secure shipping tape.
  5. Print and attach the SmartLabel to your empty cartridge package or tape to the top flap of the full, sealed S.T.A.R. Office Collection Box, and return the package:
    • in your outgoing U.S. Postal Service business mail, or
    • submit the S.T.A.R. return package to any USPS letter carrier, or
    • schedule a free, next-day pickup by using USPS Carrier Pickup.
    • No additional postage or insurance is needed. This shipment is prepaid by Samsung.
    • We encourage users to combine multiple empty cartridge returns in a single, larger box or by taping cartridges together as a unit and using a single SmartLabel. Sending multiple cartridges in one shipment saves energy and is good for California's environment. Boxes must not exceed 30 lbs., and parcels must fit inside a USPS mailbox if deposited there. Packages that exceed these dimensions may require drop-off at a USPS office.

Order Office Collection Boxes

S.T.A.R. Office Collection Box Program

This free program is the most environmentally responsible way to recycle your empty Samsung toner cartridges and we urge all state workers, if possible, to use these containers for returns.

For State of California office users, we offer our S.T.A.R. Office Collection Box program. This completely free service offers easy-to-use collection and return containers that make recycling fast and convenient. Users simply deposit empty cartridges in the collection box. When the box is full, print out a free USPS return SmartLabel® using the form on this page, attach the label to the top box flap, and return it in your outgoing U.S. Postal Service business mail or schedule a free, next-day pickup by using USPS Carrier Pickup.

The large S.T.A.R. Office Collection Box can hold 10 to 15 or more cartridges and is suitable for use in many larger state agency locations. This box may be ordered one at a time or in packs of five.

The small S.T.A.R. Office Collection Box can hold 4 to 8 or more cartridges and is suitable for use in many smaller state agency locations, small departments or by individual users. This box may be ordered in packs of two or five.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Designed for medium to larger volume users of Samsung printers and supplies, the program simplifies recycling by eliminating the need to repackage and label individual cartridge returns.
  • Collection boxes, processing and round-trip shipping are FREE.
  • Though designed for Samsung printer users, any brand of cartridge may be deposited in a S.T.A.R. Office Collection Box.
  • It's easy to order! Just complete the form to the right, or order by email, or use our toll-free number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. See email and toll-free details below.
  • Saves energy and simplifies recycling processes.
  • Ways to Order Office Collection Boxes

    • Order by submitting the Office Collection Box form on the right:
      • S.T.A.R. Large Office Collection Boxes may be ordered singly or in a pack of 5
        • Request Box # CB-GPTRB-SC (1 box)
        • Request Box # CB-GPTRB-S5C (5 boxes)
      • S.T.A.R. Small Office Collection Boxes may be ordered as follows:
        • Boxes are shipped in a Two Pack or Five Pack. No single box orders.
        • Two Packs include two S.T.A.R Small Office Collection Boxes (#CB-GPTRB-SH2C).
        • Five Packs include five S.T.A.R Small Office Collection Boxes (#CB-GPTRB-SH5C).
    • You can also order S.T.A.R. Office Collection Boxes 24/7 by calling the toll-free number (1-866-332-4160) and selecting the "Ordering Collection Box" option.
    • Email and request a box using the order numbers shown above. Please include your full contact name, office/agency/department information, address, location and a contact telephone number.
      • IMPORTANT: Office Collection Boxes cannot be shipped to PO Boxes; USPS requires a street address.
      • Note: S.T.A.R. Office Collection Boxes are intended for the return of empty genuine Samsung toner cartridges or their packaging materials. Please DO NOT place any other products or materials for recycling in a S.T.A.R. Office Collection Box.


  • I am having problems printing a label from the Web site. Who should I contact?
  • Some users have difficulty because of network security firewalls or a browser cache that needs to be refreshed. If you experience problems, first try to refresh or reload your browser. If you do not receive an email notification from the S.T.A.R. system please check your email SPAM or Junk mail folder. State workers should contact their IT support department concerning this problem before contacting Samsung. IMPORTANT: We also suggest you use a web browser other than Internet Explorer Version 6. Numerous users continue to report problems using that version of the Microsoft browser. Please upgrade your Internet Explorer browser to the current version.

    Still unable to print a label? Email with your name, office address, department/location and a contact telephone number.
  • What if I have a S.T.A.R. Office Collection Box and decide not to use it?
  • Use the prepaid/pre-addressed return label included with the box to return the empty box. It will be reused or the cardboard will be recycled.
  • Can I return remanufactured or compatible brand cartridges in a S.T.A.R. Office Collection Box?
  • No. The recycling responsibility for remanufactured or compatible brand cartridges is borne by the dealer or manufacturer of those cartridges. S.T.A.R. Office Collection Boxes which are returned with remanufactured cartridges will be returned to the shipper.


Samsung's S.T.A.R. program is a free service brought to you by Samsung for State of California printer users willing to take responsibility in helping to keep California's environment clean. This environmentally conscious program safely reprocesses empty cartridges into their major usable component materials (plastics and resins, metals, nonmetal materials, packaging cardboard and other miscellaneous materials) and makes those recovered materials available to the raw materials marketplace for reuse in new manufacturing for a range of products.

The Samsung S.T.A.R. program firmly promises is to safely and responsibly recycle every returned empty cartridge. Unlike some printer manufacturer return programs, returned cartridges are never incinerated or sent to landfills. Any parts that cannot be recycled are treated and disposed of in a way that causes minimal environmental impact. This ensures that the maximum value from each returned cartridge is obtained at the smallest environmental cost. Samsung is also researching how to reuse the recycled materials in the production of new cartridges and other products.

Here is the S.T.A.R. Program return and recycling process:

  • Empty cartridges are returned and collected
  • Materials are sorted and separated by categories including plastics and resins, metals, non-metal materials, packaging cardboard and other miscellaneous materials.
  • Recovered materials are shredded and/or melted, then granulated. Processed materials are inspected for quality.
  • Recovered materials are reused in the production of new products.

Thank you for joining us in serving our community and our world.