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These days, it’s a challenge just to keep up with new printer technology. But it gets even more challenging when you also want to do your part for the planet and meet regulations for the proper disposal of your old technology.

That’s why we introduced PrintCycle™, an intelligent new printer refresh and recycling program.
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To join PrintCycle, choose from these fast, reliable printing solutions that can help your business—no matter how big or small—optimize its workflow, cut back on costs and reduce environmental impact. Then, for a nominal fee of $129 ($229 for multifunction printers), you can refresh your Samsung printer after three years with a new printer of equal performance.

PrintCycle can help your business go even further to reduce its carbon footprint. At no additional cost, you can easily recycle your used toner cartridges through our Samsung Takeback And Recycling (STAR) program.

  • Zero landfill policy. Ensures all returned empty cartridges are safely and responsibly recycled—never incinerated or sent to landfills.

  • Simple to use. All you have to do is drop your old cartridges in the mail using our pre-addressed return labels.

  • No extra charge. The program is complimentary, brought to you by Samsung and FedExpress.

Find out more about the STAR program.

Samsung’s recycling partner, AnythingIT, will haul away and ensure your legacy printer is recycled properly. That means not only are you ensured of getting the most advanced and efficient Samsung printing solutions available, but also helping to reduce the millions of tons of e-waste dumped in landfills every year.

While recycling is good for the planet, data stored on discarded hard drives can be a disaster for your business. For just $5 per drive, AnythingIT will also wipe all vital data from your printer hard drives, ensuring you eliminate any data security risks, permanently.1

The PrintCycle program extends the already eco-friendly functions of Samsung printing solutions and includes the following products:

1. Anything IT (AIT) performs the data deletion services immediately subsequent to the determination of operating condition of the printer. AIT shall remove all company data from each asset obtained from the customer, rendering all such data unrecoverable. If service is not selected customer shall hold AIT harmless from any liability whatsoever for the loss, destruction and deletion of data.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Eligible models covered under the PrintCycle program are subject to change without notice.