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      Imagine a toner cartridge designed for superior performance and value
Genuine Samsung toner cartridges are designed with the same innovative thinking as our printers. That means they’re developed, engineered and manufactured to be one of the world’s most advanced toner cartridges by one of the world’s premier technology companies.

The results? You get the highest quality prints, optimal printer performance and reliability, and the best value for your money.

Designed for superior, smudge-free prints
Genuine Samsung toner cartridges work with Samsung printers to deliver superior printouts—time after time. With features such as automatic print tuning, they can communicate with your Samsung printer and its embedded software to monitor and calibrate print quality.

Samsung original supplies guarantee sharp, durable printouts. There’s no smudging, spotting or streaking. With other cartridges, you never know what to expect. Remanufactured or third-party supplies produce printouts with poor quality 10 percent of the time.*

Delivering optimal performance and reliability
At Samsung, we rigorously test and precisely match our toner cartridges to optimize printer performance. Many of our cartridges feature exclusive, patented technology, only available from Samsung.

Genuine Samsung toner cartridges and Samsung printers work together to:

  • Tune toner cartridge for accurate, clear print output
  • Monitor toner levels and printed pages, indicating low levels or time for replacement
  • Issue an alert if cartridge is not installed properly, preventing printer malfunction or potential damage
  • Optimize Samsung's advanced NO-NOIS™ technology for ultra-quiet operation
Plus, Samsung original supplies offer reliability that you can count on. Remanufactured or third-party cartridges can have a failure rate of up to 40 percent.*

When you add it all up
Other cartridges may look like a bargain. But when you consider that you get fewer printed pages, waste time and money on printing problems, and risk damaging your printer, they can give you more than you bargained for.

For example, say you print two five-page print jobs using a remanufactured or third-party cartridge. Since those cartridges produce poor quality prints 10 percent of the time, * you will have to reprint one of those jobs. That means you use more paper. You waste more toner. And you take more time to print it again.

In fact, with remanufactured cartridges, you can end up paying as much as 35 percent more in overall costs compared to Samsung genuine toner supplies. *

Sustainability made simple
Used toner cartridges are often just thrown away. That’s a lot of reusable material needlessly buried in landfills. Samsung makes it easy to recycle your used toner cartridges through the free Samsung Takeback And Recycling (STAR) program.

Simply return your old cartridges using our pre-addressed FedEx® return labels or print a return label from our website: Then, our zero-landfill policy ensures they are fully recycled in an environmentally sound manner.

Samsung cartridges have also received the prestigious German Blue Angel certification for quality and safety, including the world’s most stringent testing for airborne particulates.

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