EPEAT Criteria from IEEE 1680.2 Standard for Environmental Assessment of Imaging Equipment

Samsung is committed to meeting the standards required by EPEAT, the Electronic Product Environment Assessment Tool, which is an online registry for greener electronics. EPEAT was established by a grant from the U.S. EPA, and the standards were developed through a multi-stakeholder process involving nonprofit organizations, manufacturers, government and purchasers.

  • - Notification of special handling needs

    Within one year after the EPEAT-registered product is put on the market, Samsung will provide reuse and recycling facilities with information about hazardous materials, their location within the product, and any special handling needs required. Samsung ensures that those materials are safely and easily identifiable. This information will be available on the Special Handling Needs website.

  • - End-of-Life Characterization Reports

    Within one year after the EPEAT-registered product is put on the market, end-of-life processing requirements for the product are prepared and made available to all reuse and recycling facilities. End-of-life characterization reports that provide guidance for the effective processing of materials identified in EU WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC, Annex II will also be provided to interested institutions and organizations upon request. For more information, please contact Eugene Kim at eugene2.kim@samsung.com.

  • - Early failure process

    Samsung provides information on troubleshooting, repair or replacement of a product through its support section on each individual product site, or through our general support website.

  • - Spare parts

    Spare parts for all Samsung printers and multi-function devices are available for purchase for a period of five years after the end of production. Please contact your sales representative for more information, or call customer support at 1-800-726-7864.

  • - Provision of take-back service for broader scope of products

    Samsung provides national take-back services, pursuant to, for all consumer electronics that we manufacture or have manufactured. Samsung provides annual disclosure of volumes collected by weight.

  • - Use of Recycled and Chlorine-Free Paper

    Recycled and renewable content paper and chlorine-free paper can be used in all Samsung printers and multi-function devices.

  • - Cartridge Take-Back Program

    EPEAT registered products are in conformance with the requirements of IEEE 1680.2 Section - Take back and end of life management for cartridges and containers; Samsung offers the free-of-charge S.T.A.R. Program for the responsible recycling of empty toner cartridges for registered products. On date of declaration, Samsung states the tonnage of recycled cartridges related to these registered products is zero as of March 1, 2013; full reporting will be issued annually in conformance with the standard.

  • - Reuse and Recycling of Cartridges

    Samsung does not prevent reuse and recycling of its toner cartridges and containers. Cartridges may be recycled through the Samsung S.T.A.R. Program.

  • – Use of Non-manufactured Cartridges and Containers

    The design of all Samsung imaging devices does not prevent the use of non-OEM cartridges and containers. Samsung Electronics highly recommends the use of Samsung manufactured, or approved, parts and supplies. Third party toner may have quality inconsistencies and raise the risk of printer damage.

  • - Manufacturer recycles or reuses material collected through its cartridge and container take-back program

    In 2016 total of 102.73 metric tons of material was collected via our cartridge and container take-back program. Specific details regarding the quantity of plastic collected and corresponding end-of-life management method used are demonstrated in the following table. As noted above, 2.48% (less than 25%) of material collected was sent to waste-to-energy and remaining 97.52% (greater than 75%) of material was recycled.

  • For Samsung Corporate Global policy, please refer to hyperlink here