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      Costs of counterfeits
For consumers and manufacturers, counterfeit toner cartridges are a costly problem. Manufacturers lose an estimated $3 billion in revenue each year, according to the Imaging Supplies Coalition. But, for consumers, the price can be even higher. Fraudulent products—sold illegally as new, original Samsung® toner cartridges—produce low quality prints, have high failure rates and can lead to potential printer damage.

How it impacts you
Counterfeits look just like the real thing. That means consumers aren’t getting the high quality they expect from genuine Samsung printing supplies. Instead, counterfeit toner cartridges often lead to troublesome printing problems, such as:
  • Poor quality prints - Degraded and inconsistent quality printouts with spotting, streaking and smudging
  • More paper jams - Increase in paper jams more likely after installing a counterfeit toner cartridge
  • Damage to your printer - Toner powder leaks can create a serious mess inside your printer, contaminating key parts, staining clothes, and causing machine failures that are expensive to repair
  • Short cartridge life or DOA - Counterfeits often don’t work at all, and if they do, print far fewer pages
Tips to identify counterfeits
It can be difficult to tell the difference in packaging between counterfeit and real Samsung printing supplies. Protect yourself with the following tips:
  • Avoid unfamiliar, unknown, or "no-name" sellers and especially telemarketers-Always buy from an authorized Samsung retailer or established Samsung dealer to reduce the risk of buying counterfeits
  • Beware of poor quality or generic packaging-Make sure you look for:
      o Intact security label
      o Samsung brand name and logo
      o New, sealed packaging, which includes an individual unit serial number and barcode
      o A "too-good-to-be-true" price. Be cautious if you find an exceptionally low price
Protecting our customers
Samsung aggressively protects its customers with a dedicated, worldwide anti-counterfeiting program. In the last year alone, Samsung investigations have seized more than $2 million USD in counterfeit Samsung toner products worldwide.

Groups who profit from the sale of counterfeits can include organized crime and international terrorist organizations.

To protect yourself and other customers from fraud and potential printing problems, report any suspicious incidents or suspicious offers, call 1-866-332-4160 if you believe you have been a victim of a counterfeit cartridge scheme.

For more information about counterfeit toner cartridges, visit the Imaging Supplies Coalition and the US Federal Trade Commission.

What is the advantage of using genuine manufacturers' supplies?
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